Retractable tines allow localised cultivation

Teagle will be running a working demonstration plot to showcase their latest development in cultivation equipment at the Cereals Event: the Multidisc Vario, working in combination with a Polymat Compact seeder unit.

The Vario disc/tine harrow is the most versatile machine of its type on the market, thanks to a set of variable-depth hydraulically-retractable winged tines, which drop down between the front and rear rows of scalloped discs. These retractable tines offer the operator the option to move immediately from a deeper tillage operation that is required in localised areas but consumes more fuel, to a shallower working depth between tramlines that can be carried out at a much greater working speed.

The front row of discs lifts and breaks up the upper layer of soil and roots. The six tines then till the soil across the full width of the machine to a maximum depth of 14 inches, with the final row of discs further incorporating material and breaking down the soil before the seed-bed is finished by one of several roller options, including 500mm or 600mm packer, crumbler or ring rollers.

To ensure organic material is incorporated to the soil, the disc design has a deep dish to maximise the mixing effect, and aggressive scallops around the circumference to ensure the disc does not slip and stall, even in difficult conditions.

The Polymat Compact seeder for oilseed rape establishment can be mounted to all Teagle Multidisc harrows to cultivate stubble and sow in one pass.

The new Polymat Compact seeder is based on the proven Polymat pneumatic drill. At Cereals the Compact 8 unit will be mounted on a 3m Multidisc Vario, although larger models are available up to 6m that can work at up to eight hecares an hour.

Teagle carries a comprehensive range of spare parts, not only for multidiscs, but also Centerliner, Roterra and Polymat models.

Cereals 2011 exhibitor information as supplied by Agrifac.


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