Ridger aims to save water

Briggs Irrigation has re-introduced its water-saving tined ridger, which is designed for use in potato and other crops grown in rows and beds.

The ridger – first launched over 10 years ago – creates small dams between the bed of potato, vegetable and salad crops.

According to the firm trials have shown that the unit has proven to reduce surface run-off, which conserves water and reduces soil erosion.

Aside from improving water use efficiency, this will also help to meet cross-compliance requirements.

Mounted on a three-point linkage, the unit uses steel wheels fitted with paddles.

At set intervals the wheels lock up to pull soil into a neat dam.

According to Briggs it is possible to cover between (12 to 16ha) 30 to 40 acres per day with the unit, which is priced at 4600.