Ring rot special report

Polish spuds face ring rot scrutiny
PLANT HEALTH inspectors announce a clamp down on potato imports from Poland

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Disgust at reject ring rot seed
JOHN Morgan slams DEFRA and his suppliers for secrecy over seed‘s reject history

Outrage over reject ring rot spuds
THE REJECT history of imported seed potatoes prompts fresh calls for tighter

Reject route for ring rot spuds
THE seed potatoes linked to ring rot went on 11,000-mile tropical trip before coming to UK

Aid demand for plant diseases
FARMERS affected by plant diseases need more government support to deal with outbreaks

DEFRA slammed over ring rot
FARMERS affected by plant health diseases need more government help, says John Morgan

Spud rot review launched
DEFRA seeks views on how well it managed to contain Britain‘s first ring rot outbreak

Ring rot spuds shifted
THE WELSH Assembly acts to rid the nation of potato ring rot

Royalty bills stun potato growers
POTATO FARMERS receive royalty bills for a major variety that should now be free to grow

Ring rot measures ‘good news‘
THE NFU welcomes moves spelt out by Ben Bradshaw to improve Plant Health

Bradshaw backs ring rot fund
DEFRA is to ramp up potato seed testing and is set to kick start a compensation scheme

Ring rot outbreak ‘contained‘
THE government calls on growers to contribute to a lessons learned review

Farmer fears Plant Health cuts
THE Lancashire farmer with brown rot infected seed calls for testing to be tightened

Union sets plant health vision
THE NFU launches its Manifesto for Horticulture

New advice to halt spud rot
POTATO growers who ignore new biosecurity advice risk losing their entire business, says the BPC

Slipshod system brings rot woe
DUTCH plant health authorities are letting down UK potato growers, says the NFU

Brown rot found in Dutch seed
THE DEVASTATING potato disease brown rot is discovered on a Lancashire farm

‘Safe haven‘ move for spud seed
RING rot free zones could be set up across the EU to supply ‘safe‘ seed to potato growers

Ware seed wake up call
WARE potato growers are advised to take more responsibility for keeping ring rot out of the UK

Hybrid fund for plant health victims?
THE NFU seeks a suitable path to compensate growers hit by notifiable plant diseases

Ring rot farmers defy deadline
JOHN and Andrew Morgan say they cannot afford disease clean-up and disposal costs

Grower fund claims denied
THE NFU denies plans for a grower-funded compensation scheme

Policy threat to crop growers
DEFRA‘s plant health policy is bringing growers to the brink of bankruptcy say campaigners

Growers pay 18p/t ring rot cost?
POTATO growers could face an extra levy to compensate disease outbreaks

Bradshaw fears cash claim flood
PAYING John Morgan compensation for ring rot would set an expensive precedent, says minister

Farmers on their own on ring rot
THE Welsh Assembly echoes calls from DEFRA that farmers must bear disease costs

NFU slams cash lure comments
FARM leaders reject suggestions that compensation would act as a disease incentive

DEFRA shrugs off ring rot
THE cost and responsibility of containing the world‘s worst potato disease is left to John Morgan

Disease risk from cash lure
MPs are told that giving farmers compensation could increase the risk of spreading notifiable diseases

DEFRA steps up import checks
EXTRA staff are drafted in at ports and airports to keep out damaging plant pest and diseases

Defra confirms no ring rot cash
COMPENSATION is not needed to keep Britain ring rot free, says Defra

Hands tied on ring rot fund
THE British Potato Council says it is unable to help Welsh farmer John Morgan

BPC in ring rot row
LACK of support from the potato industry increases the risk of future outbreaks, says the NFU

UK under fresh ring rot threat
FARMING leaders express their dismay over a new batch of suspect Dutch potato seed

Industry fund call for ring rot
WELSH farmer John Morgan calls for a crisis fund after compensation hopes dwindle

Union scorn over ring rot cash
FARMING leaders slam Defra‘s decision not to offer compensation to John Morgan

Ring rot farmer denied cash
POTATO farmer John Morgan must recover ring rot costs from supplier, says Defra

Scots press for seed import ban
SCOTTISH farm leaders urge the government for legal steps to stop potato ring rot

Growers debate spud seed ban
RING rot potato farmer defends his use of imported Dutch seed

Ring rot tests prove negative
GOVERNMENT officials are confident that the potato disease ring rot has been contained

Grower slams ring-rot action
POTATO grower unhappy with Defra ring rot action.

Recent ring rot tests negative
STOCK sampling is completed at the Welsh farm at the centre of the ring rot scare.

Ring rot battle spreads
THREE more UK farms, traced to suspect Dutch potato seed, are placed under restrictions

British spuds face import ban
IRISH farmers call for a potato import ban and criticise British ring rot containment plans

Tourism fears from rot ‘frenzy‘
A WESTMINSTER debate on potato ring rot raises fears for holiday bookings in Wales

Hundreds of farms at ring rot risk
THE firm suspected of supplying infected seed exported 15,000 tonnes of seed potatoes to UK last year

Cost of ring rot: £400,000
THE ring rot outbreak in Wales is likely to cost Middlewood farm £400,000

Spud rot fear at seed conference
THE seed potato industry plays down the significance of ring rot

Spud seed imports in rot probe
OFFICIALS investigating ring rot place restriction orders on three more UK farms

Ring rot found in Wales
BRITAIN‘S first outbreak of the highly-contagious potato disease is confirmed

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