Seal of Approval for Soil2Crop Initiative

Seal of Approval for Soil2Crop Initiative

PRODUCERS HAVE given the thumbs up to the HGCA’s Soil2Crop initiative, with 90% saying its workshops have benefited their businesses, according to project co-ordinator Vic Jordan.

More than 1000 attended Soil2Crop meetings during the 18-month project, and the HGCA now plans a similar approach for its Sow2Succeed campaign, which is to run over the coming year.

“Producers liked small groups discussing specific topics,” says Dr Jordan. “They also approved of the practical, hands-on approach.”

The importance of rectifying soil structure before switching from a plough-based system to min-till emerged as one of the strongest workshop messages.

Overuse of cultivators was another popular discussion area. “Thrashing the soil with a power harrow damages the land and contributes to capping, moisture loss and soil erosion,” he says.

  • The Sow2Succeed initiative kicks off this autumn with a series of roadshows.

  • Experts will give advice on the agronomic and financial implications of drilling dates. Spring workshops and summer farm visits will follow.