See your harvest on the Farmers Weekly cover

Farmers Weekly readers who are handy with a camera still have a chance to take a photo that could appear as the front cover of the magazine.

Our Harvest Highlights picture competition remains very much open due to this year’s difficult harvest. So, if you’d like to see your image take the prime front cover slot sometime in the next couple of weeks then get snapping and send us your best shots as soon as you can.

You can email your pictures or upload them directly to our Harvest Highlights photo gallery. There’s no set closing date but when we see the right picture we’ll use it.

The winning photo will capture the spirit of this year’s campaign. For most, that will be wet and late, but you decide what to take. You could focus on the crop, the combine or any other harvest machinery, or perhaps people hard at work or a more unusual aspect of the season. You might even be able to include some well-overdue September sunshine.

The winning picture will be chosen by our picture editor, Jodie Deakin. If you are unsure of what makes a good picture stand out, take a look at some recent Farmers Weekly front covers, says Jodie.

“Close-ups often work better than long-distance shots. The key thing is to think of the composition, as we will need a picture that either is – or can be cut to become – a square shape and has a little space on it for us to add some cover lines (the words that you’ll see on any cover of Farmers Weekly).

“The most important thing is that it captures the spirit of harvest. Distant ‘pastoral’ shots don’t tend to work – we’re particularly looking for photos featuring combines/tractors and/or people, ideally working.”

Pictures also need to be of high enough resolution for us to print, but please keep files under 4MB.

How to enter

Upload your pictures direct to the Harvest Highlights photo gallery or email them to

Remember to include a little bit of information about where it was taken and what’s happening.