Seth Pascoe blasts ‘ridiculous’ CAP reform plans

The world recently tipped the scales to the arrival of the seven billionth person. In my humble lifetime alone, this is the third “billion” population landmark. If UN predictions are correct, then I will still be here when the eighth and ninth billion milestones are reached.

Needless to say, while our population increases, everything else around us diminishes to create space. More people means more cars; so it’s little wonder that the hedgehog, favoured prey of the fierce predator automobilis, is now one of Britain’s 10 most endangered animals.

This may seem somewhat cynical, but today’s modern society is seemingly obsessed with political correctness, health and safety and bureaucracy. Surely then someone ought to calculate a Safe Working Load limit for the planet. Then perhaps a green-amber-red alarm system similar to those in telehandlers could be installed in government offices across the world. Will parents of the future have to sign a waiver/disclaimer, accepting responsibility that their beloved offspring could potentially end the world?

I keep reading phrases in the media about how important farmers and food production will become in the future. Wrong. This implies that it is of little importance currently. The planet’s leaders are occupied with the unenviable task of repairing the world’s economy – and yes, this is of great importance. But perhaps an equally important fact to bear in mind is that, apart from the gold tin-foil wrapped coins often found in Christmas stockings, you cannot eat money.

I am trying to refrain from commenting too much about the recent CAP reform proposals, but the 7% mandatory “greening” really does stand out as a ridiculous step in the wrong direction. Do we really need to remind politicians that the grain, milk and meat mountains, which brought about set-aside introductions, are no longer quite so mountainous?



Farmer focus arable: Seth Pascoe






Farmer Focus Arable: Seth Pascoe

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