Sign-up to fusarium risk alerts to help time T3 sprays

Wheat growers are being encouraged to sign-up for free weekly reports to help them get a T3 fungicide spray on at the prime moment and combat the risks of fusarium infection.

The Adas-led forecasting service arms growers with timely fusarium risk updates to prevent costly downgrades if mycotoxin levels exceed the accepted limits.

Weekly risk reports, which are published on the AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds website, are available during the main winter wheat flowering growth stages.

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The reports include regional breakdowns of the proportion of winter wheat crops that are in flower and estimates of whether they are at “very high”, “high”, “medium” or “low risk” of fusarium infection.

Dhan Bhandari, who manages grain quality research at AHDB, said: “The model uses flowering information, as well as daily rainfall data, to provide regional estimates of fusarium infection risk.

“As field-level risk is driven by many factors, we advise that growers read our publications to put them in the strongest position to manage fusarium infection risks and mycotoxins as part of an industry-wide effort.”

Growers can sign-up to get the latest disease monitoring information, including the fusarium infection risk reports, by emailing

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