Simpler spray packs form Syngenta

S pac has been designed to make filling faster, easier and safer, says Syngenta’s Simon Parker.

Foil tops on agrochemical containers will soon be a thing of the past, thanks to the development of a new liquid packaging system, claims Syngenta.

S pac has been designed in response to grower demands for faster, easier and safer spraying practices, the company’s Mr Parker said at Cereals 2008.

Simon Parker

“There’s no need for a foil top with S pac, due to the use of a special ‘super sealy’ lid,” he says. “This makes the opening and closing of the container much easier and quicker, as well as reducing the possibilities of contamination.”

S pac also features knurly caps, making it simpler to open the containers when wearing protective gloves, and larger handles for better grip.

For distributors, a new watermarked label and embossed logo gives the assurance that the product is genuine and helps in their fight against counterfeits, he says.

S pac containers are made of HDPE , so they are recyclable. All Syngenta liquid agrochemicals will be supplied in the new packaging, starting with the 1-litre and 5-litre containers.

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