Slow progress in Londonderry

Harvest is progressing slowly at Richard Kane’s Broglasgow House, Myroe, Londonderry, with many crops late following the cold spring.

So far he had only cut 2ha (5 acres) of Retriever winter barley, which had yielded reasonably well, and 10ha (25 acres) of winter wheat for crimping.

The Grafton wheat had yielded 13.5t/ha (5.5t/acre) at 35% moisture, equivalent to about 9.9t/ha (4t/acre) dry.

“We keep getting rained off, and now I’m fitting a new tyre to the combine which we had to wait to get delivered. But everything is looking well.”

Mr Kane was hoping to get into Emerson oilseed rape today (5 August), but later drilled rape was only sprayed off today, so would be another two weeks away.

“I’ve got spring barley which will be ready before the wheat, which is very unusual.”

Few farmers had cut much in the area, apart from bits of winter barley on light land which had just died off, he added.

Crop: Winter wheat
Variety: Grafton
Area: 10ha (25 acres)
Yield: Equivalent to 9.9t/ha (4t/acre) dry

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