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Farmers slam soil plans
PROPOSED soil management plans are an affront, say East Midland farmers

Soil Reports

Follow these links to find the various soil reports and action plans that have been causing such a stir…

DEFRA – Soil Action Plan for England (pdf – 465kb)
Environment Agency – Soil the hidden resource (consultation) (pdf – 436kb)
Environment Agency – State of soils in England and Wales (pdf – 936kb)
DEFRA – Cross-compliance consultation






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Soil data maps out facts
A NEW poster aims to raise awareness with the general public of the importance of soils

Soil spoil ‘widespread‘
SCIENTISTS confirm widespread soil-related problems that farmers must address

Farmers thirst for soil info
OVER-SUBSCRIBED workshops prove farmers‘ interest in soils, says an expert

Farmers help fight Avon floods
THE LANDCARE project in Upper Avon is beginning to reap rewards for soil management

Hope for soils from new plan
THE government launches its long-awaited First Soil Action Plan for England

Farmers slammed for soil spoil
THEY don‘t care or understand how to look after it, says the Environment Agency

Soil help needed to keep SFP
FARMERS must wake up to soil management or risk losing the Single Farm Payment, says an expert

Tougher pollution rules on way?
AN Environment Agency official says tougher pollution controls could be imposed on farms

Soil plans spark outcry
FARMERS warn against proposed cross-compliance measures to protect Britain‘s soils

Dry soils led to bird decline
WILDLIFE groups slam farmers for depleting farmland bird numbers by draining their land

Farmers get landscape reminder
ALUN Michael reminds farmers and landowners to protect the environment this spring

Agency chief slams biofuel claims
ENVIRONMENT Agency chief Barbara Young attacks the green credentials of biofuels

Water audits show flow flair
WATER AUDITS can help growers demonstrate responsible and effective use