Soya UK hails ‘massive potential for profit’ from white lupins

WITH GROWING demand for exported white lupins, Soya UK wants more growers to sign contracts for 2005.

Increasing interest from buyers in North Africa, the Middle East and UK compounders is the reason, says the firm’s David McNaughton.

“There is massive potential. “They are fairly easy to harvest, even in difficult seasons such as this.”

This year, the company exported nearly 1000t and Mr McNaughton hopes this can be expanded, maybe 10-fold.

Clean samples are easier to achieve with white lupins as they tend not to suffer staining, like peas, and are unaffected by bruchid beetle, the main reason for human consumption bean rejections, he says.

This season contracted lupin growers had a 37/t premium over feed beans, but this is not fixed, he adds.

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