Speeding through in Somerset

Harvest is speeding along in Somerset, where Cannington Grain store is intaking winter barley, oilseed rape, oats and wheat.

“It’s all coming ready at once,” said Ian Eastwood, marketing manager of West Country Grain.

“Barley and oilseed rape are a bit late, but oats and wheat are ahead of normal.

“We’ve had a significant quantity of winter barley and oilseed rape in – barley yields are a bit mixed but on the whole quite pleasing, and rape yields are quite good, too.”

Oats were proving “a bit skinny”, but were clean and bright, with a bushelweight of 50kg/hl plus. “Almost everything that’s coming in is reasonably dry, which helps.”

The first few loads of milling wheat were now coming in, with Solstice yielding reasonably well and quality excellent so far, at over 13% protein, 300 Hagberg and 77kg/hl.

“Harvest expectations are about average – there are no records out there, but it is not as disappointing as we could have expected.”

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