Spring barley three weeks away in Cumbria

Silage rather than combining spring barley was the concern for Cumbrian farmer John Reid, farm manager of Lowther Park Farm, Penrith.

“Arable crops are not a big thing for us,” he said. But getting his silage in was turning into “an impossibility.”

Mr Reid said out of his 1080ha (2700acres) of farmland, his 48ha (120 acres) of Riviera spring barley “looked fine.” But it was clearly not fit yet. He didn’t expect to cut it for another three to four weeks.

Secondary tillering – a problem further south – was less of an issue because of his location, and because the crop was later drilled. The grain was going for animal feed.

There had only been a couple of dry days in the past two weeks, he said.
“The grass is wet and the ground is soaking. If the silage is not taken off soon, there will be nowhere for me to put the lambs.”

(Yet to be harvested)
• Crop: Spring Barley
• Variety: Riviera
• Area: 48ha
• Yield: NA
• Quality: “Looks good”
• End use: Mostly for feed

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