Sprouted grains in Suffolk

Wheat is starting to sprout in Suffolk, although Group One and Two varieties are holding up better than others, according to co-op AtlasFram.

“We had some Battalion in this morning (16 August) which had some sprouted grains, but Oakley in particular seems to be faring badly,” said grain trader Paul Agazarian.

“We may have seen the best wheats of harvest already.”

Mr Agazarian reckoned about a quarter of the wheat had been cut in the area, although a lot was being dried before sampling.

“It’s a bit early to tell, but protein contents and yields seem to be variable, as do Hagbergs.”

Very little spring barley had been cut, and with secondary growth being a problem, many farmers had recently sprayed it off, he added.

“I think people will get their wheat cut and wait for the barley, which will be ready in seven to 14 days.”

Although crops were starting to look weathered, the straw was so short that they were standing well.

“Oilseed rape harvest is almost complete, and everyone is delighted with yields. They have certainly averaged similar to last year, and in some areas a bit more.”

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