Stop-start harvest in Scotland

Scottish farmer Doug Fowlie from Peterhead said harvest was going OK but was very stop-start due to showers. Spring barley was yielding reasonably well, with quality acceptable for malting.

Sixty-four hectares (160 acres) of Optic and Riviera had yielded 6.25t/ha (2.5t/acre) with nitrogen levels of 1.65%, and only 4% screenings. Recent moisture levels were coming in at 16-18%. He said this quality was quite good but it was not worth selling the crop for malting due to the low premiums.

“We’ve grown a lot less spring barley than the last few years. It seems to be good but we’ll use it for feed.”

Eighty hectares (200 acres) of Robigus winter wheat was looking well and was now ready to be cut. He expected to start combining the wheat tomorrow (Aug 30).

“The wheat is looking OK but the grains look quite small when you rub them.”

He said harvest was going well but baling straw was a problem.

“With the weather so stop-start there’s always a shower of rain on top of the straw, so it is difficult to bale.”

• Crop: Spring barley
• Variety: Optic and Riviera
• Area: 64ha (160acres)
• Yield: 6.25t/ha (2.5t/ac)
• Quality: Nitrogen 1.65%, Screenings 4%, Moisture levels 16-18%

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