Struggling in Scotland

Wet weather continues to cause havoc in Scotland, where farmers might get an afternoon combining today (9 August) before further showers arrive.

“Farmers were cutting on Friday and Saturday, but it was wet on Sunday, drying out yesterday, and will be wet again tomorrow,” said Trevor Harriman, general manager at Scotgrain.

So far, only a small area of oilseed rape and winter barley had been cut, so it was too early to speculate on yields.

“The bulk of winter barley is used for their own feed, so it never sees the light of day. But from what I hear, yields aren’t bad.”

Spring barley was not yet fit, and winter wheat was still a long way off, said Mr Harriman.

“Some of the rapeseed isn’t fit yet, either; although what is in the swath does need to got in soon.

“At the end of June we were hoping to be well into the spring barley by now, but if we get into it next week we’ll only be a few days behind normal.”

Spring barley quality was likely to be holding up well, he added. “It has been quite cool so it isn’t taking too much harm. But it really doesn’t need any more rain.”

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