Success for new hybrid barley

He grows 15 ha (37 acres) of both Siberia and Pict. He also grows 20ha (50 acres) of the new hybrid variety Colossus, developed by Syngenta
The yield for the Siberia was 8t/ha (3.24 t/acre), with a specific weight of 68 kg/hl. While the yield for Pict was higher at 9.2 t/ha (3.72 t/acre), with a specific weight of 71 kg/hl

However the top performing variety was Colossus, with a 10.1 t/ha (4.09 t/acre) yield and a specific weight of 69 kg/hl

“Although not as high as the Pict, 69 kg/hl is still very good,” said Mr Challem.

Moisture content was averaging about 15%

When asked if he was happy with the result, he said “I’m thrilled. The Colossus produced a beautiful bright sample. I’m very pleased.

“This year was a make or break year for Siberia. This is the last year we are going to grow the variety.

“Next year I think Colossus will be the only (barley) variety we’ll grow.”

The Colossus was grown in the same field as the Pict and, despite predictions, there was less lodging than the other varieties, commented Mr Challem.

“You could see where the Colossus started in the field because of its height; it was like a line across the field.

“It was 4-6 inches taller than the other varieties, but despite this it was the variety that had the least lodging. Pict had lodged considerably more.” 

Due to the extra height of the barley some feared that the extra biomass would be hard for combines to cope with.

But Mr Challem‘s two Claas Lexion 580s had no problems, he told us.

“We use rotary combines so the barley crop is relatively easy to harvest”

“The combining went very well, I was impressed” He added.

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