Surrey Pearl quality better than 04

The weather has slowed things up for Giles Porter at Penncroft Farms, Farnham, Surrey.

Fifty hectares of Pearl winter barley yielded 7.5t/ha, and the quality was better than last year.  He was also happy that it came in the shed dry.

Oilseed rape looks good with yields “much better, up 0.5t/ac” on last year.  Lioness yielded 3.75t/ha and Royal 4.25t/ha, both at around 8% moisture.

“The rain has softened the ground and so it is cultivating nice and progressively,” added Mr Porter.

The wheat, however, had gone off too quickly after being hit by the drought. He expected the yields to be lower than last year on the lighter ground.

  • Crop/Variety: Winter barley/ Pearl

  • Area: 50ha

  • Yield: 7.5t/ha

  • Quality: N/A

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