Take part in our survey to help boost OSR yields

Achieving a 5t/ha average remains the holy grail for most OSR growers, but last season was a real challenge with 3.5t/ha being an exceptional yield for many.

But how can growers overcome the seasonal challenges and continue to drive up yields? A Farmers Weekly survey, in association with Dekalb, aims to find out some of the answers.

There is a whole range of establishment methods ranging from ploughing and drill to min till approaches including direct drill, Autocast, shallow cultivations, strip till and wide-row sub soil systems.

But which establishment method gave the best results in last year’s soggy conditions? Also which varieties coped in the challenging season, and more importantly, which did not?

Also what are the future challenges and how are growers looking to increase their yields. What traits do they want to see in future varieties?

Help us find some of the answers by taking part in our National Oilseed Rape survey . It will only take a few minutes and we will be sharing the results with you later this year.

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