Technical notes added to SAC’s field guides

SAC’s catalogue of short practical field guides has been extended with the recent addition of five new Technical Notes.

They include:

TN634: Ensuring good welfare for out-wintered suckler cows.

Studies over several years at SAC and on commercial farms have demonstrated the benefits that can be obtained from out-wintering pregnant suckler cows. This note describes the essential requirements that have to be met if out-wintering is to be appropriate.

TN635: Recommended grass and clover varieties 2010-11

The varieties listed in this note are recommended for use in Scotland. First choice varieties are highlighted by capitals. Recently introduced first choice varieties are provisional ratings, pending further trials currently in progress.

TN636: Control of Sheep Scab and other Ectoparasites of Sheep.

Sheep Scab became notifiable in Scotland under the Sheep Scab (Scotland) Order 2010. It is the responsibility of any one identifying Sheep Scab to notify the local Divisional Veterinary Manager of Animal Health.

This note aims to help producers plan the control of ectoparasites on their farm.

TN637: On-farm biosecurity strategy for a notifiable disease outbreak for a beef or sheep farm: the 4S’s

An outbreak of a notifiable disease could occur in Britain at any time. Farmers and stock keepers should be prepared and should agree with their vet the appropriate biosecurity strategy to follow. The basic principles covered in this note can be applied to all farms.

TN633: Phosphorus, potassium, sulphur and magnesium recommendations for cereals, oilseed rape and potatoes.

These recommendations have been updated in the light of current advances in understanding of soil nutrient management and results from recent trials. This note also covers the efficient and profitable use of organic and manufactured fertilisers in arable systems, which require good soil conditions and effective soil management.

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