TerrorKite bird scarer

It’s that time of year again when flights of pigeons are decimating both arable and grassland yields. And while bangers and pigeon shooters help in the battle, an armoury of deterrents is the best way of dealing with the birds, according to experts.

The TerrorKite, made by APM Agriplant, is a brightly-coloured nylon kite, embellished with large predatory eyes and reflective material. It is tethered to a telescopic, yet flexible, rod that can be extended to 7m, while the line that holds the kite can be adjusted to suit the height of the crop it is protecting.

The aim is to deter the birds before they commit to landing, and the continuous diving movement of the kite mimics hawks and other predatory birds. It’s advised that farmers move the TerrorKite from time-to-time to prevent pigeons becoming too familiar.

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