Timing of slug pellets critical

SLUG PELLETS should be applied just after drilling, rather than to stubble, the Home Grown Cereals Authority has advised.

This gives growers more time to properly assess the risk of damage, based on soil and weather conditions, said the HGCA’s director of research, Graham Jellis.

“Pellet applications to stubble may be made unnecessarily in dry autumns and are less effective than after drilling in wet autumns.”

He suggests growers broadcast pellets as soon as possible after drilling if the risk is high, as slugs start feeding on seeds/seedlings almost immediately.

Slug control is also quicker and more consistent if pellets are broadcast rather than drilled with seeds, the HGCA suggested.

The HGCA’s Topic Sheets 84, 85 and 88 provide details on assessing slug risk and applying pellets to wheat and oilseed rape. Visit www.hgca.com for more information.

The current issue of FARMERS WEEKLY (September 2–8, p.60) examines the best ways to tackle slugs and provides information on how to identify control products.


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