Tips for boosting oilseed rape yields

Farmers Weekly in association with Dekalb and BASF provide practical help for growers on how to increase average rapeseed yields to 5t/ha in this series of articles.

We look at why yields are falling below 5-6t/ha, which were common in 2011 and how this performance can be improved.

High 5 target for rapeseed yields

Advice on managing crops throughout the autumn and winter, focusing on weeds, disease, pests and nutrition

Tips on managing 5t/ha OSR crops in the autumn

Information and expert advice on canopy management

Canopy care crucial in hitting the 5t/ha oilseed rape target

Advice and case study onlate management from full canopy to harvest to help secure yield and oil content.

Late diseases and pests threaten OSR yields

For more on this topic

Free online training for oilseed rape growers with Farmers Academy