Torrential rain meant Carl Driver was not on combining

Torrential rain meant Carl Driver was not on combining today (12 August) near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. “We had 17mm in two hours,” he said.


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However, he had started second wheat Xi19 over the weekend, and was pleased with a yield of 10.5t/ha (4.3t/acre) at between 17% and 24% moisture.

Hagberg was good at 300, but protein was low at just 11%, said Mr Driver.

He now had 830ha (2050 acres) of wheat to cut. “It’s all standing and the Hagberg is still there. The first wheat is only just ready.”

The Flagon winter barley produced 7-7.5/tha (2.8-3t/acre) at 1.5-1.6% nitrogen.

Crop: Winter wheat
Variety: Xi19
Area: 70ha (173 acres)
Yield: 10.5t/ha (4.3t/acre)

Crop: Winter barley
Variety: Flagon
Area: 243ha (600 acres)
Yield: 7-7.5t/ha (2.8-3t/acre)



Duxford winter wheat is an HGCA Recommended List 2008/09 variety with very high UK treated yields and the top score for resistance to lodging with PGR. Combined with an unbeaten second wheat yield and a balanced disease resistance profile, this new variety from Syngenta Seeds will help UK growers rise to the challenge of producing more grain profitably.


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