UK barley looks good for export

THERE ARE rosy prospects for malting barley exports, growers have been told.

Central-eastern Europe will still need imports of quality malting barley to keep up with increasing demand, according to Gleadell Agriculture malting barley director, Stuart Shand.

“The domestic crop in this region is very unstable due to weather conditions, which in turn creates a volatile supply,” he explained.

“Continental buyers will be looking to UK quality malting barley as insurance against local crop losses. Therefore exports will increase.”

Several new port side maltings are to be commissioned shortly in Europe, added Peter Crisford, malting barley broker for CS Commodities Solutions.

“The UK has the potential to increase its exports – which could be the most competitive way to move harvested crops,” he said.

Gleadell advised growers looking for malting barley outlets to get in touch with their merchant.

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