Up to date at Travellers Rest

Harvest is over a third of the way through at Dougal and George Hosford’s Travellers Rest Farm, Blandford, Dorset, although rain stopped play yesterday (7 August).

“It’s rained enough to stop us now, but we’ve not got anything more to cut yet,” said Dougal Hosford.

So far the brothers had cut 100ha of Maris Otter winter barley, which did about 4.5t/ha at 12% moisture, with at a bushel weight of 65 kg/hl.

Excalibur and Castille oilseed rape, split over 134ha, achieved 3.5t/ha at a moisture of 6.5%.

While combining was up to date, the pair still had spring barley, winter wheat and poppies to harvest, none of which were quite ready.

“Crops are looking good overall we’re just waiting to get cutting again,” added Mr Horsford.

Crop: Winter Barley
Variety: Maris Otter
Area: 100ha
Yield: 4.5t/ha

Crop: Rapeseed
Varieties: Excalibur and Castille
Area: 134ha
Yield: 3.5t/ha

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