Victory does well in Shrops

Andrew Craig near Telford in Shropshire is half way through combining 360ha of wheat, with yields about average.

First wheat Gladiator yielded 10.5t/ha despite being “flat as a pancake” from the rain and wind. Second wheat Napier yielded 8.75t/ha which he said was average and all wheat came off at 17% moisture. Claire and Robigus were of average quality and bushel weights were ok, he said.

Mr Craig said harvest is a lot easier than last year because the sun is shining, and there is no blossom midge problem with Napier this year.

He was happy with 148ha of Caracas and Canberra oilseed rape yielding 4t/ha. Victory did particularly well yielding up to 4.5t/ha and stood well, he said.

  • Crop/Variety: Gladiator and Napier wheat
  • Area: 360ha in total
  • Yield: Gladiator – 10.5t/ha, Napier 8.75t/ha
  • Quality: Average, bushel weight ok, 17% moisture

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