Waiting for rapeseed near Bridgnorth

Harvest is yet to get underway at Andrew Digwood’s Willow Paddocks Farm, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, but combines are rolling in the area today (25 July).

“We haven’t got any barley, and I’m just walking a field of oilseed rape now,” he said.

“It doesn’t look too bad at all – it recovered well from the early drought. We’re on heavy land here so haven’t fared as badly as some others in the area.”

The rapeseed wasn’t likely to be ready until the end of the week, but farmers nearby were busy cutting winter barley today, he added.

“There was the odd field cut on light land 10 days ago, which was very early, but nothing else was cut until yesterday.

“A few people have started winter barley, but it’s not really ready. It’s still quite green, but people are just itching to get on.”

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