Waiting for the sun in Dyfed

Meurig Raymond has still got 93ha of spring-planted winter wheat to cut at Trenewydd Fawr, Haverfordwest, Dyfed, as well as 12ha of spring beans.

“The wheat is only just coming ripe – it will be interesting to see how it yields, given it was planted in the last 10 days of February,” he said. “It’s short, but the heads look promising.”

Santiago and Diego winter wheat had yielded well, averaging about 9t/ha at almost 80kghl, and ranging from 7.4t/ha on light land to 12.4t/ha on stronger soil.

Propino and Concerto spring barley had performed exceptionally well, averaging 7.25t/ha at a bushel weight of 71-72kg/hl. “I would hope it will make the malting grade,” said Mr Raymond.

After 10 days of wet weather, he hoped to get combining again towards the end of the week. “I just hope the forecast of a dry spell is right. We should be able to finish up harvest in a few days.”

Most farmers had almost finished in the area, with about 5% of crops still left to cut, he added. “There’s a bit of spring barley and spring rape about.”

After the combining, potato lifting would begin in earnest, with a new grading line just about ready to use. “The potatoes are very slow senescing, but quality is very good.”

Crop: Winter wheat
Varieties: Diego and Santiago
Area: 182ha
Yield: 9t/ha

Crop: Spring barley
Varieties: Propino and Concerto
Area: 400ha
Yield: 7.25t/ha

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