Watford harvest held back 10 days

“Everything has just been stopped by the rain – we haven’t cut anything for 10 days now,” said Hertfordshire grower Alistair Pinkerton at Blackbirds Farm, Watford.

Thirty-six hectares (90ac) of Consort remained from 260ha (650ac) of winter wheat. Yields of Xi19 and Solstice were “promising” and quality was looking ok, although no samples had been tested. But, Solstice grain had looked a bolder sample.

The remaining Consort was still standing well but was starting to look a bit black, he said.

“We’re starting to get concerned now. We need a few more dry days to get it in but just had another rain storm this morning.”

The crop had not yet been sold – he was first waiting for samples to be tested.

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Solstice and Xi19
• Area: 224ha cut from 260ha (650ac)
• Yield: Promising

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