Wet weather is mixing things up for Matt Redman

After so many weeks of near perfect spraying conditions, April certainly mixed things up. It’s a good reminder of just how changeable British weather can be from day to day, or even hour to hour.

The T1s proved tricky to get on between showers and under the sticky conditions; in the end it took three weeks to get between the first and last fields sprayed. However, little changed in the chemistry though Tracker (boscalid), epoxiconazole and chlorothalonil being the products used, with a later increase in epoxiconazole rates due to the growing septoria risk.

Operation bunny control this winter and spring appears to have worked well; there has been very little crop damage compared with this time last year when nearly 10ha were affected. A combination of control methods and a lot of permanent and electric rabbit fencing has been the winning formula.

It was the Young Farmers AGM the weekend before last and as usual it was brilliant. On Saturday I went along to the Agricultural and Rural Affairs forum where there were some great views discussed on how Young Farmers can get into the industry. The only point not brought up very often is that as well as asking for help from the industry, government and Young Farmers clubs we, as the next generation, need to get on and do some things ourselves.

My focus is now on for the Bedfordshire Young Farmers rally. Last year we hosted the event, which meant little work was done for weeks before. Luckily this year a different club and farm are hosting it. This year, I will be juggling my own trade stand with competing in quite a few competitions on the day, as my club has to defend its title.

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