Wheat pleases at Hundred Acre Farm

Chris Coates is combining winter wheat today (9 August) at Hundred Acre Farm, Gorefield, Cambridgeshire.

Coming in at 14.4-14.6% moisture, the Grafton and Viscount wheat was yielding reasonably well, although it was too early to put a figure on it, he said.

Solstice yielded 9.5t/ha (3.85t/acre) at 16-17% moisture, while Einstein topped 9.9t/ha (4t/acre) at 17-18% moisture.

Two fields of Gallant, grown as a second wheat for seed, averaged 10.1t/ha (4.09t/acre) and 10t/ha (4.03t/acre) over a weighbridge.

“The wheats were better than expected – with a drop of rain they could have done better.”

Spring beans were still two to three weeks away. “They look reasonably well, but they are feeling the drought.

“Whenever we’ve had rain it’s been just 4-5mm at a time, which isn’t enough to do much good.”

Crop: Winter wheat
Variety: Solstice
Area: 9ha (23 acres)
Yield: 9.5t/ha (3.85t/acre)

Variety: Einstein
Area: 9ha (22 acres)
Yield: 9.9t/ha (4t/acre)

Variety: Gallant
Area: 23ha (58 acres)
Yield: 10t/ha (4.1t/acre)

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