Wheat yields 15% down, says Mark Means

Winter wheat yields are proving disappointing at Mark Means’ farm at Terrington St Clement, King’s Lynn, Norfolk.

Gallant grown on light soils was averaging 15% down on last year. “The lightest bits of the fields are 20% down, while on the heavier parts it is 10% down,” he said.

First wheats on better soils were still only yielding 9.6t/ha (3.9t/acre), while second wheats were down at 8.4t/ha (3.4t/acre).

So far he had cut 100ha (250 acres) of Gallant, leaving Cordiale, Solstice and Duxford to come.

“The Cordiale isn’t ready yet – it’s on some better soil. But I don’t think we’re going to have any pleasant surprises.”

Harvest progress was about 15% through, and both sugar beet and potatoes were suffering from the lack of rain, he added.

“We have averaged an inch of rain a month since March, and we’ve run out of irrigation. I don’t think the yields are going to be there.”

Crop: Winter wheat
Variety: Gallant
Area: 100ha (250 acres)
Yield: 8.4-9.6t/ha (3.4-3.9t/acre)

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