Wheat yields 19% above average, says HGCA

Winter wheat yields are 1.93t/ha above the five-year average, according to HGCA Recommended List trials.

So far, the overall average yield was 11.9t/ha, ranging from 10.82t/ha on shallow soil in Lincolnshire to 13.39t on deep clay soil in Suffolk.

Feed varieties were top of the list, with Leeds currently yielding 106% of the control varieties, said Recommended List manager Simon Oxley.

“Feed varieties with a yield of 105% include the hard feed varieties KWS Santiago and Evolution plus the soft feed varieties Twister and Panacea. The biscuit quality nabim Group 3 variety Icon also currently has a yield of 105% in 2014.”

Spring barley yields were 0.9t/ha above the five-year average, at 8.02t/ha.

“The feed variety Shada and the potential brewing barley variety Shaloo have a yield of 108%,” said Mr Oxley.

“Sanette, which is provisionally approved for brewing, and KWS Irina, under test for brewing, both have a yield of 107%.”

Of the candidate varieties, Dragoon (potential feed) and RGT Plant (potential malting variety) both had a yield of 110%, he added.

Winter barley yields were averaging 9.72t/ha – 0.8t/ha above the five-year average.

“The six-row hybrid variety Volume and the six-row conventional variety KWS Meridian are at the top of the yield table at 106% of the control varieties,” said Mr Oxley. “KWS Glacier is the highest yielding two-row feed variety at 102%.”

However, when selecting varieties, farmers should always consider the five-year average values rather than just one year’s trial results, he warned. 

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“Candidate varieties are performing well in 2014; the potential six-row conventional feed variety Daxor’s yield currently stands at 105%.”

Oilseed rape was performing particularly well in the North this year, with the gross output average of 5.41t/ha being 0.39t/ha above the four-year average.

“Anastasia and Boheme have performed well, with a gross output of 114% compared to the control varieties.” Artoga had scored 111%, with Incentive at 110%.

Candidate variety SY Harnas was top of the table, at 114%, with PT234 and DK Exentiel at 109%.

In the East / West region, oilseed rape yields were 0.07t/ha above average, with a gross output of 5.41t/ha.

Incentive had a gross output of 109%, with Charger at 107%. The candidate HOLL variety V316OL was leading the table with a gross output of 116%.

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