Wheat yields 5-10% down, says Openfield

Wheat yields are between 5% and 10% below last year, but quality is generally good, according to Simon Ingle, head of central stores marketing at Openfield.

“Yields are very variable – I haven’t spoken to anyone who has suggested they are better than last year – most are about 1.2t/ha (0.5t/acre) down.”

Crops on lighter soils in East Anglia had suffered the most, while those on heavier land in the midlands, which perhaps enjoyed more rain in the spring, were better, he said.

Quality was generally very good, with Hagbergs over 300 and bushelweights of 76kg/hl. However, protein was more variable, ranging from 10% to 15%.

“There is improving protein the further north you go, but even in local areas you can get a wide spread – where the crops had more rain they were able to take up more nitrogen.”

Oilseed rape yields were 5-10% up on last year, while winter barleys were marginally below average.

“Barley yields are a mixed bag – unsurprisingly some of the spring barley is poor, and yields are probably 10% down. Quality, however, is good.”

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