Wheat yields below average, says ADAS

Farmers cut about 600,000ha of crops in the week to 21 August, bringing total harvest progress to 40%, according to the latest report from ADAS.

Wheat harvest was about 25% through, with yields ranging from 5t to 10.7t/ha, and likely to average 7.1-7.5t/ha, well below the five-year mean of 7.8t/ha.

Specific weights ranged from 50kg/hl to 78kg/hl and were generally below 70kg/hl, with protein contents at 12-14.5% and Hagbergs mostly above 250 seconds.

“Progress is still well behind average; many crops are still not ripe, and those that have ripe grain are often still green at the base,” said the report.

“Light land crops have performed better than normal, but there are a high proportion of heavy land crops that are disappointing.”

About 15% of spring barley had now been cut, with yields ranging from 4.5t to 7.5t/ha.

“In the Eastern region yields are above the regional average, in the South West they are close to average and the early yields from Scotland are below average.”

Bushel weights were on the low side at 55-68kg/hl, and nitrogen contents were very variable at 1.4-1.9%, it added.

Winter barley harvest was drawing to a close, with 95% of the crop now cut. Yields were slightly above average, at 6.3t to 6.6t/ha, but ranged from 4t to 10t/ha.

“There were some very good yields from parts of the Eastern region, up to 10t/ha, whilst in some other regions crops on heavier soils have slightly under performed.”

Specific weights were low, at 62-64kg/hl, but grain nitrogen was mainly within specification at 1.5-1.8%. Screenings were reasonable in the South but higher in the North, with some at 12-35%.

Oat harvest was about 15% complete, with early yields looking good at 4.6-8.7t/ha, said the report. As with other crops, specific weights were the main quality problem, at 44-53kg/hl.

Farmers had now cut 90% of their winter oilseed rape, with yields slightly above average at 3.4-3.6t/ha. Oil contents were lower than normal, at 40-45%.

“Where crops were affected by heavy rain and hail there was some shattering of pods and seed shed, resulting in yields dropping to 2.5 t/ha. Lodging also resulted in a slight reduction of yields.”

Spring oilseed rape harvest was about 10% through, with yields ranging from 2.2t to 2.8t/ha.

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