Wheat yields better than expected in Sussex

farmer James Fuggle was waiting to finish winter wheat on Chessons Farm, Wadhurst this afternoon.


Half of his Robigus winter wheat for feed has been completed so far between 14.8 and 18.2% moisture with yield averaging 7-7.5 t/ha (2.8-3 t/acre). The remainder had been treated with pre-harvest Roundup and Mr Fuggle hoped to make a start soon.


However he added: “As soon as tomorrow comes, it will probably start to rain.” 


SW Dalguise oats were finished and in some areas they had been completely flattened. He said although bushel weights came out well, yields were “abysmal”.


One 7.2ha (18 acre) field was so pan-caked that Mr Fuggle decided to use its produce for whole crop.


“We’ve had a dreadful year,” he said, with Cocktail spring barley and Wizard field beans crops yet to complete.


He said: “yields have obviously disappointed us, although so far average and they haven’t been quite as bad as expected.”


He was hopeful, however, for good returns given the recent price increments.


·        Crop: Winter wheat

·        Completed: 50%

·        Variety: Robigus (for seed)

·        Moisture: 14.8-18.2%

·        Yield: 7-7.5 t/ha (2.8-3 t/acre)



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