Wiltshire Solstice performs well

Harvest went “pretty well” this year for Roger Moore at Manor Farm, Salisbury. He said 400ha of winter wheat yielded an average of 10t/ha. He plans to continue with Solstice next year as protein levels were good at 11.5% and Hagbergs 330.

Istabraq also performed well, but he said it needs more inputs than other varieties, so is planning to grow more Alchemy due to good all-round disease resistance and high yields.

Two hundred and forty hectares of Optic spring barley was of very good quality, and was all sold for malting straight off the combine. But yields were down on average at 6.9t/ha after having suffered from the hot June.

He said the winter wheat had a good root system and so did not suffer as much from the dry weather.

  • Crop/Variety: Solstice winter wheat

  • Area: 400ha wheat in total

  • Yield: 10t/ha

  • Quality: Protein 11.5%, Hagbergs 330


  • Crop/Variety: Istabraq and Alchemy winter wheat

  • Area: 400ha wheat in total

  • Yield: 10t/ha

  • Quality: N/A


  • Crop/Variety: Optic spring barley

  • Area: 240ha (Optic plus Cocktail)

  • Yield: 6.9t/ha

  • Quality: Met malting specification


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