Winter barley harvesting finished for our barometer grower

Barometer grower Andrew Blenkiron has finished the winter barley at Chillington Farm, Wolverhampton, with yields a pleasing 10% above average.


The 49ha (120 acres) of Carat and Suzuka both averaged 6.9-7.1t/ha (2.8-2.9t/acre), with a nice bold sample, he said. “We’ve also got a good crop of straw, although it’s still a bit green.”


Mr Blenkiron planned to make a start on the 129ha (320 acres) of Castille and Lioness oilseed rape at the weekend (26 July), but the Soissons winter wheat was still two to three weeks away. “Normally we’re into it by the end of July, bit it seems to be filling very well.”


Crop: Winter barley

Varieties: Carat and Suzuka

Area: 49ha (120 acres)

Yield: 6.9-7.1t/ha (2.8-2.9t/acre)


Crop: Oilseed rape

Varieties: Castille and Lioness

Area: 129ha (320 acres)

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