Winter barley yields well ahead in HGCA trials

Winter barley yields were sharply higher in early HGCA trials this summer with the six-row hybrid Volume being the top-yielding variety.

Five HGCA trials across England had been harvested by Monday (July 21) and showed average yields of 10.78t/ha compared with a five-year average yield of 9.04t/ha.

The sites harvested include Teesside in the North down to Hampshire in the South, and Suffolk in the East over to Hereford in the West.

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“It is early days to make any conclusions on the season, since early trials may not always reflect the majority, but the signs are looking good with an average yield of 10.78t/ha,” said Simon Oxley of the HGCA.

Volume topped the table with a yield of 106% of control varieties. The six-row conventional variety Meridian was not far behind with a yield of 104%.

Tower led the two-row feed varieties on the HGCA Recommended list at 102%, a yield that is equalled by the candidate feed variety Daxor.

The Recommended List varieties Glacier, California had a yield of 101% which is equalled by the candidate two-row feed variety Infinity.

Malting barley yields are all similar with Flagon, Cassata, Venture and Talisman all achieving a yield of 97%.

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