Winter wheat progresses well on target within the Midlands

Adrian Howell of Proctor, Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire planned to combine Robigus and Brompton winter wheat this morning.


Mr Howell began harvesting his 700ha at 16% on 1 August  with Zebedee, followed by Alchemy, Oakley, Timber and Humber.


After 13 days of good combining conditions Mr Howell said: “It’s been the driest harvest for many years and we’ve missed the worst of the weather.”


Against his 9.5 t/ha five-year average he hoped to achieve 8.5 t/ha which although disappointing were quite bearable especially given recent higher prices, which were encouraging, he said.


They had been “disastrous.” 


He believed widespread root rotting on recently saturated silt-based land could be to blame for locally lower yields.


Mr Howell had also cut 160ha (400 acres) of ES Astrid, Castille and Lioness Oilseed rape Yielding 4 t/ha (1.6t/acre, 32cwt/acre) with Moisture between 6.5-9%. 


He ended saying: “ But We’re happy with progress”, he said,  “we’re further forward now than for many years. In terms of yields were behind but we’re encouraged with prices”.


·        Crop: Winter wheat

o       Area: 700ha (1750 acres)

o       Variety: Zebedee, Alchemy, Oakley, Timber and Humber

o       Moisture: 16%


·        Crop: Oilseed rape

o       Area: 160ha (400 acres)

o       Varieties: Astrid, Castille and Lioness oilseed

o       Yield: 4 t/ha (1.6t/acre, 32cwt/acre).

o       Moisture: 6.5-9% 



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