Winter wheat yields less than expected in Bedfordshire

After completing 800ha (2000 acres) 75% of wheat harvest, Brian Shaw of Barton Hill Farm, Lilley, Luton, Bedfordshire. hoped for sunny weather on Thursday.

The final quarter of winter wheat he had to cut included Robigus, Malacca, Einstein, Claire, Solstice, Consort and a small 10ha (25acres) trial of Zebedee.

He began wheat two weeks ago and was expecting yields to be down 10% compared with his 5-year average. Lighter soil produced about 7.5 t/ha and he achieved up to 10 t/ha on heavier land.

Wheat had produced average Hagbergs and adequate specific weights. His Solstice had 12.5% protein and 80 kg/hl specific weight.

He expected that winter wheat would be finished within just four to five working days.

“We’ve had a good run so far and now we’re ahead” he reported.

He still had 200ha (500 acres) spring barley to finish.Yields so far were down by 1.75 t/ha (0.7 t/acre) from the 6.75 t/ha (2.7 t/acre) average.

He also had a 20ha plot of Fuego spring beans which he said were “looking thin.” He expected “mediocre” yields below 2.5 t/ha (1t/acre).

• Crop: Spring barley
• Area cut: 100ha (250 acres)
• Yield: 5 t/ha (2 t/acre)

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