Wissington’s daily slice record boots UK beet prestige

By Andrew Blake

 THE UK”s claim to be the EU”s most efficient sugar producer has been reinforced by a successful processing campaign in which Wissington factory set a new daily slice record of 18,503t, says British Sugar.

 The title “leading sugar beet processing facility in the world” is fully justified after comparing its performance against others around the world, the company believes.

The factory processes 2.4m tonnes a year – more than any other. Some sugar beet factories in Minnesota, USA, come close, but even with their extended processing season don”t beat the UK”s “flagship on the fens”, says BS.

 A few European plants produce more crystal sugar per day, but none process so much sugar in a season or produce so much each year.

Increasing factory efficiency, in an industry supporting 20,000 jobs throughout the economy, is vital to meet the challenges of the EU Sugar Regime review, says chief executive Mark Carr. “We believe that any reductions in European production should be made by encouraging high cost industries to rationalise, rather than by forcing cuts on efficient industries like ours,” he says.

 “This makes economic sense and increases competition among the remaining, efficient producers to the benefit of the consumer.”


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