Yields down on average

Cambridgeshire farmer Oliver Walston said he has 18ha of wheat remaining out of 380ha. Yields are averaging 8.4t/ha, which is about 1.6t/ha down on last year and slightly down on the five year average.

Yields varied by up to 2.5t/ha between medium and light soils, which he said was due to the very dry June. Mr Walston is concerned for prices as they are the same as last year despite higher input costs.

Quality is not bad for milling wheat, with protein at 12.5% and good bushel weights and Hagbergs.

Einstein was the best performing variety and has been a big success this year, but Robigus did not perform particularly well, he said.

Harvest finished on August 22 last year, but the biggest problem this year has been drying the crop which he said is costing 40p/tonne per 1% moisture.

  • Crop/Variety: Einstein, Robigus, Cordiale
  • Area: 380ha
  • Yield: 8.4t/ha
  • Quality: 12.5% protein, good bushel weights, good Hagberg


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