Bayer Crop Science UK

Shaping agriculture for farmers, consumers and the planet

At Bayer Crop Science, we’re committed to supporting farmers on their journey, putting health, nutrition and sustainable food production at the very heart of what we do.

As the UK’s leading agricultural innovators across seeds, crop protection products and services, we want to help shape the future of farming in a way that benefits everyone.

From roots in the soil, right up to satellites monitoring crop data, our aim is to reduce the impact of damaging weeds, insects and diseases across the world. 

We care about how our food is produced and how our products are used. Therefore we want to give farmers the expertise and tools to produce the best quality crops – in the best possible way.

Our continual investment in new and smarter products recognises the challenges of rising populations and climate change. We are passionate about preserving ecosystems and helping produce safe, healthy, affordable food.

Through our work and support, we’ll help farmers, consumers and our planet to thrive.

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