Bonanza Calf Nutrition

Bonanza calf nutrition is number 1 for transition milk  and Once-a-day milk replacers.They are also the only company to produce a concentrated calf milk and lamb milk made with ewe’s milk.

Bonanza Calf Nutrition is a British owned milk replacer company that has championed the use of skim milk powder and buttermilk in calf feeding since its inception.

Bonanza Calf Nutrition launched the first transition milk replacer Transformula to complement it Shine milk replacer- the leading once-a-day formula in Northern Europe.

Once-a-day milk feeding is now used on the majority of block calving herds worldwide. Bonanza also produced the 1st lamb milk replacer made with ewe’s milk and sources most of its milk ingredients through British dairy companies.

Our philosophy is, keep calves healthy and the rest will come- this can only be done by helping the  baby calf’s intestine develop through the use of transition milk  and later on encouraging rumen development.

Bonanza works directly with British feed companies to provide farmers with  the best feed and advice to keep their youngstock healthy and happy.

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