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Classic transition cow diseases such as retained placenta, metritis, ketosis or displaced abomasum happen in the first 4 to 6 weeks of lactation. If a cow gets sick during this stage it will affect the whole lactation cycle and a cow will not reach her full genetic potential. These diseases are very costly and can easily go unnoticed.

Managing dry cows and their transition period successfully is the foundation for lactation success. Using your farm’s existing herd management software, Predicta GUARDIAN analyses the milk recording or milk meter data along with reproduction from a cow’s previous lactation to determine whether a cow is at risk for transition diseases(s).

Predicta GUARDIAN generates alarms to farmers/vets directly via whatsapp, email or sms for individual animals at risk during the dry period 6-8 weeks prior to the actual disease. This is impossible to detect with standard blood, milk or urine testing.


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