KWS: Sowing for Peak Performance

Why making the right decisions around the varieties you choose TODAY, will help deliver the highest crop margins TOMORROW and secure greater sustainability for us all in THE FUTURE

SPP project description:

Nobody needs telling of the enormous challenge global agriculture faces in the next few years and few will need reminding of the critical role UK farmers will play in balancing future food production with environmental requirements.

As one of the most respected and technically proficient agricultural producers in the world, what we do as an industry over the next 10 years will be seen as a benchmark for many other countries as we all pursue more sustainable food production.

Such a future will inevitably involve less reliance on inputs, more thought about rotations, greater clarity on how we can limit the impacts of our actions on the environment and being increasingly aware of the carbon footprint and energy usage of everything we do.

But it’s equally important that we continue to achieve high levels of production, meet the quality demands of consumers and develop resilient farming systems that will meet the food demands of a rising global population.

This is the very essence of SPP.

In these stories we want to show you the critical role genetics will play in this new agriculture and how the decisions we make at KWS on a daily basis will support you in your future challenges.

Importantly, we also want to show you how the varieties KWS offers today can help you maximise your on-farm profitability and play a key role help in helping you progress your own journey to great future sustainability.


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