Nedap Livestock Management

Helping livestock farmers to be the best performing farmers in the world

Nedap Livestock Management is the global leader in farming automation using individual animal identification. For more than 40 years, Nedap strengthens dairy farmers through the most reliable and innovative cow identification, monitoring and automation solutions. They empower managers and personnel with dependable information to make operational and strategic decisions and help dairies become more efficient, productive and successful.

For Nedap, trust and reliability in both partnership and technology are key. Leading international dairy farming companies, including genetics and milking equipment suppliers, partner with Nedap to include its technology in their systems. A publicly listed company, Nedap employs more than 700 people globally, across 11 locations and seven business units. 

Nedap CowControl™

Nedap CowControl™ is the most precise and complete herd monitoring solution. An all-in-one solution, Nedap’s SmartTag Neck combines identification, heat detection, health monitoring, herd performance trends and cow locating in a single collar device. It helps to maximize herd performance and farm efficiency by boosting reproduction results, cow health, labor efficiency and farm management.

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