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Nearly one in five hectares across Europe has been sown with an RAGT variety and almost a third of the pasta made in France and Italy uses flour from RAGT durum wheat varieties.

You’ll even find our products in some of Europe’s most famous sporting venues: the hallowed turf of the Stade de France and Parc des Princes stadiums in Paris were seeded with RAGT grass varieties and the iconic greens of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club in St Andrew’s were planted with RAGT amenity grasses.

RAGT was founded in 1919 by farmers in Aveyron whose families remain shareholders to this day.

The company’s continuing success derives from maintaining a local approach to the business while conducting ground-breaking research and development on an international scale.

As a result, RAGT is firmly established in all the major agricultural areas of Europe.

Discover a range of seed varieties you can have total confidence in.

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